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New Favorite Music Video

November 22, 2009

whatever you have to do to find this video either on yahoo music or msn video or by now i am sure it is posted on You Tube– you gotta check out John Rich’s video for a song “Shuttin’ Detroit Down”.  If you listen to the lyrics it pretty much says it all.

We as a nation have lost our way when Americans who have not just fought and risked their lives for this country and what it really stands for, but then we merely leave those people without a job to be able to enjoy their lives.  ALL IN THE NAME OF GREED.  This economy and all it’s problems are not due to the workers in any way -shape- or form.  It is all because of Wall Street and the Bankers.  Greed and deceit are what has crippled our economy and it is not the politicians who are in office right this minute but the ones who had the power and the authority in the past (some of those are indeed still in Washington D.C.) that screwed every taxpayer out of their future.  The current arguments about national healthcare and the money it will cost are not the problem….the problem is they have BORROWED every dime we have spent for our “WAR ON TERROR”  and then they stole all our retirements and gave themselves massive bonuses for doing it all.  We encourage every American company to send jobs overseas and give them tax breaks for doing so and our own American companies have legal ramifications for building dangerous products that kill and maim our consumers while these foreign companies can send lead paint by the tons and formica shavings in our pet food and baby formula and can pollute the planet and the air without any economic penalties because our courts cannot stop them. 

All because without jobs we Americans shop anywhere we can save a dime.  And every one of us is to blame for part of it also.  While it seems that the people in charge point to everyone else for the reason we are in this situation instead of taking blame for their mess.  Man up and look in the mirror.

now it is time to put away my soapbox.



New Issue of E-Zine actually finished

November 8, 2009

whooooo hooo. 

okay maybe it’s not like a blockbuster movie or a New York Time’s bestseller or even getting on Oprah’s book club list…..but considering the fact that I have NOT made a new issue in about 4 months it seems like a big deal to me.

check out if you’re into the Chevrolet Chevelle from the 1960’s and early 70’s.  It is issue number 7 now and I have a total page view count of over 17,000 for all issues when you total them up.  It seems low to me but when you check out the other e-zines it actually seems pretty good for a total.  So I guess it is successful.  Anyway, the whole point is to bring these cars into the public eye more and to maybe give a little basic information to promote these legendary vehicles to a new generation.  As I have said before, I don’t deal with production stats and all the technical crap because the “zine” is an introduction to them not the “bible” for those pros out there.

69 yenko 427sc chevelle

1969 Yenko 427SC Chevelle

The next issue will deal with who knows?  There are a lot of fringe cars out there but to be honest there are 4 or 5 more really popular models to delve into also.  Whether you are a Blue Oval ( Ford ) fan, or a Bowtie ( Chevrolet ) fan or into the Pentastar or the Goat, Tiger, Poncho, Rocket V8, or the dozens of other nicknames out there, every Muscle Car made had it’s fans and loyalists.  So whatever I come up with, hopefully someone will think it is the right choice.

Till then, Peace out people……


No I am not deceased, merely absent.

November 5, 2009

Okay, I know it has been a while since i last posted any comments or rantings or just plain ramblings or musings.  I am sorry for that.  Life has gone on in my absence.  I trust everybody is well who may care about any of my writings here and for those who do not care about them– I wonder why you would be even wasting your time to read this anyway?

I am as always trying to expand my knowledge and thus minimize my ignorance about almost everything automotive.  This has left me with little precious time for this blog and I have been lacking in my social responsibility in that regard.  For this I am humbled and apologetic.

Okay, a little too over the top?  Maybe too highbrow for most of you gearheads out there?  Don’t worry it is really me.  It’s been since July  for a post here from me and apparently those big words were building up in my vocabulary and I had to let them out.  I tie this blog in with an E-Zine that I do on under the magazine title of American Musclecar and that also has fallen behind on remained inactive the past several months. 

I will remedy that as well for anyone who cares so please be patient.

For those who may follow both of these endeavors, you are aware that my goal is to get into the Muscle Car scene as a full time business and toward that end I am trying to start-up a detail business that will be a stepping stone into the inner circle of car guys here in my area.  I have managed a couple successful Detailing businesses for other people and now will do so for myself and whomever my partner ends up to be.  Who knows, it could be one of you who read this, if the timing is right.

Anyway, I wish everyone the best of health and will return to blogging soon…….so we will chat again soon…………

davey boy