No I am not deceased, merely absent.

Okay, I know it has been a while since i last posted any comments or rantings or just plain ramblings or musings.  I am sorry for that.  Life has gone on in my absence.  I trust everybody is well who may care about any of my writings here and for those who do not care about them– I wonder why you would be even wasting your time to read this anyway?

I am as always trying to expand my knowledge and thus minimize my ignorance about almost everything automotive.  This has left me with little precious time for this blog and I have been lacking in my social responsibility in that regard.  For this I am humbled and apologetic.

Okay, a little too over the top?  Maybe too highbrow for most of you gearheads out there?  Don’t worry it is really me.  It’s been since July  for a post here from me and apparently those big words were building up in my vocabulary and I had to let them out.  I tie this blog in with an E-Zine that I do on under the magazine title of American Musclecar and that also has fallen behind on remained inactive the past several months. 

I will remedy that as well for anyone who cares so please be patient.

For those who may follow both of these endeavors, you are aware that my goal is to get into the Muscle Car scene as a full time business and toward that end I am trying to start-up a detail business that will be a stepping stone into the inner circle of car guys here in my area.  I have managed a couple successful Detailing businesses for other people and now will do so for myself and whomever my partner ends up to be.  Who knows, it could be one of you who read this, if the timing is right.

Anyway, I wish everyone the best of health and will return to blogging soon…….so we will chat again soon…………

davey boy


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