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Indianapolis Auction Over- Final Notes

May 19, 2014

Image Okay, so maybe it is the “Anti-Muscle Car” but this 1959 BMW Isetta sold for a very respectable $33,480.  Normally these go for closer to the $25,000 price point.  This one had what was called the “Deluxe” front door and both a rear outside luggage rack and an interior luggage rack behind the “bench seat”.  You may have heard/read me referring to these as “Urkell-Mobiles” before in reference to the Steve Urkell character from the TV show.

Image This beauty with its “Piranha Grille” would be a 1950 Buick Roadmaster Convertible and with its original 320 cubic inch Straight 8 cylinder engine and Auto transmission sold for a cool $96,000.  Considering its immaculate appearance, and original equipment this will go up in value in the coming years very nicely.  Wire wheels, and those “Gangster White walls” only add to its great style.

Image Similar in style was this 1949 Buick Roadmaster 4 door.  Since it was a 4 door, the price drops.  Despite having the same engine, and having went through a restoration 5 years ago, this one sold for a bargain to its new owner.  $13,000 took it home.  Plus sales commission.  Style and desirability are always the driving force for collectors and they pay accordingly.  For the seller this was a big loss dollar wise but it makes room for the next vehicle in their garage.

Image For the same $13,000 someone bought this 1972 Ford Mustang with its 351.  This particular vehicle had the somewhat rare “Q Code” 4 barrel edition under the hood which was the top dog for 1972 with a rating of 266 horsepower.  The previous year the “Q code” was the Boss engine and put a net 330 at the pavement.  Even the “M” engine for 1971 had a better 285 rating.  The drop in compression was very evident for the end of the “Muscle Car Era”.

Just to update previous picks from the auction……

The Blue 1970 Superbird failed to find a buyer even though the bid went up to $250,000.   Another (Yellow) 70′ Superbird did sell for $145,000 with a 440/375 hp engine under the hood however.  I think the seller should have turned the “Blue” one over to a new owner, but what do I know?

Also the Metallic Black 1969 GTO I listed previously did not sell despite a high bid of $35,000.  And the yellow “Split-Bumper” Z28 was pulled from the sale, possible a sale before the gavel, but I am not sure.

Davey Boy


1967- Oldsmobile and Buick Divisions

March 4, 2011

 While the Pontiac Division was trying to make its mark against the General Motors flagship franchise of Chevrolet, Oldsmobile was working on capturing a piece of the Muscle Car game as well.  Their shot into the midsize Muscle Car battle was of course the 442.  They further upped the ante by producing a version with an option called the W30 motor.  This started what would become somewhat of a legend in “Muscle” circles as the lexicon would now include “W-Machines”.  Some W30’s were made in 1966 as well but there were 502 built for the 1967 model year.

The trademark thing to spot on a genuine W30 is its front fender liners which would be red in color.  All also came with “Outside Air Intake”, which is known as OAI in “Muscle” jargon.  For the 1967 model they brought the air into the hoses feeding the carburetor from around the headlights.  In the following couple years it was a rough cut hole down under the bumper area.

The W30 got less sound and body insulation and all were built in Lansing Michigan which would be a “M” in the 7th place of the VIN.  VIN means “Vehicle Identification Number” which means the serial number that is displayed on a metal tag riveted to the car.

If you find the build sheet or a window sticker with the vehicles options it should say the vehicle has the L78 engine option, to be genuine as a W30.

Here is a photo of the engine compartment.

Notice the chrome air cleaner.

The Oldsmobile Toronado continued on with a fair amount of changes to its front appearance. It was still a front wheel drive car as it would continue to be going forward.  The 425 engine was rated as 385 horsepower which was not bad for a luxury model at the time.

For those who read my post about the Pontiac Banshee prototype here is a rear view photo of the Toronado so you know what I was referring to.

The styling of vehicles may have evolved slowly but rarely did cars merely change just the tail lights for an upgrade from year to year.  Modern styling seems to keep a body design around well past the time when manufacturers need to change a vehicles personality.

 Then we come to the Buick Division of General Motors.

 The Buick GS400 got freshened as well as the rest of the intermediates at GM.  Buick was not then, nor in future years a division to build overly flashy cars.  Almost everything about the Buick Muscle Cars was understated with the exception of the future GSX model.  But that is for another day. 

 The one oddity with Buick was their futuristic air cleaner however.  Today it is called the “Star Wars” air cleaner and you can see why, but in the time when it was made, it was just a fancy way of getting air to the carb to feed the 400 cubic inch engine.

Davey Boy

Upgrades And Answers For Those Who Have Left Comments

February 5, 2011

 This fine-looking 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air wagon just sold for $24,000 at Kissimmee.  There were many bargains to be had and some very deserving cars brought out the checkbooks for needy collectors.  I deal with the bargains here, because I am trying to show where the average “newbie” can pick something up to make an investment pay off.

 For unknown reasons I am getting a lot of comments on the blog here and I do read them all.  Most get dumped because either the questions or comments are inane or the grammar is hard to follow.  I am deeply sorry if you left a comment and never saw it published it is not that easy to pick the worthy from the unworthy. 

 I was told I was biased.  No explanation over what subject I was biased about.  The entire comment was….”You’re biased”.

 Fact is everyone is biased.  You like chocolate ice cream over vanilla or vice versa you have a bias.  You like corn but not Brussel sprouts you are biased.  So what was meant?  I have no clue other than nothing gets people more defensive than picking on their preferred make of car.  Tell someone a bad thing about a Chevelle and if they are a Chevy guy you nearly come to punches.  Same for the Mustang dudes when you bad mouth them.  And by far the most passionate fans out there are the Mopar people.  They will in the words of Mike Tyson….”Eat your children”.  Not being facetious here, just after spending 40 years around car people has brought some differences to the forefront.  The Hemi guys are the most elitist of the group.  They have the right.  They have earned it.  The Hemi is truly Royalty in collector car circles.

 $8,250 also bought someone this nice 1965 Galaxie 500 convertible with its stock 289 V8 engine.  Putting the big wheels and tires on a classic doesn’t do anything for me but that is the trend today and for the price paid they can afford to put proper tires on the car.  Some kid will buy the rims for something else.  This is tantamount to putting a Chevy mill into a classic Mercury to me and it takes away from what a collector is looking for.

  Another comment tells me I am a “prude”.  Accepted.  I may say I am of my own opinion on many things, but for these Muscle cars I am definitely part of the crowd, because when it comes to maximum return on an investment stock or factory is where the money is. That is the drawback for the custom car guys.  You build a custom for what you like but few people would be of the same mindset as you so your buyer’s pool is smaller and chances of selling at a profit goes down as a result.

Another fine example is this split bumper 1970 Chevrolet Camaro SS350.  It sold for a reasonable $19,000.  The rims are not stock, but at least the seller kept style within the time period as far as appearance.  While the Camaro’s from this generation were rolling around with mainly small block 350 engines, over at Pontiac this chassis found the venerable 400 shoved into the Firebird Formula and the beastly 455 was under hood for the Firebird Trans Am.  And as us prudes will tell you…”There ain’t no substitute for cubic inches”. 

A note for anyone who read my pre-Kissimmee piece and saw the red Mustang station wagon….that vehicle sold for $12,000.  That’s less than the value of the “donor” 1968 Mustang it was built on, and with its Cobra engine dress up parts someone got a real nice deal.

 The heartbreaker for me at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee was this 1970 GS455 by Buick.  Numbers matching meaning original engine and transmission and a beautiful restoration and the factory bucket seat interior with just 10 miles on what is a better than new car and she sold for $24,000.  These routinely sell for close to $40,000 in my area and are nowhere near as perfect as this one was.

  Maybe it’s another bias but the “gentleman’s” Muscle Car as these were termed were among the prettiest vehicles ever to come out of Detroit. While they were beasts, they played it down with their unassuming exteriors devoid of stripes, spoilers, and badging.  A sleeper from the factory.  NICE.

 While not a Muscle car by any stretch of anyones imagination this 1971 Volkswagen Karman Ghia sold for $5,750 in all it’s pristine “cuteness”.  For some reason a lot of people who visit this blog are fascinated with a lot of the small European cars.  The Vespa 400 that I posted a photo or two of still gets 20-30 hits a week.  The Messerschmitt is another past photo consistently among the most viewed.

This 1979 Porsche European 928 also sold for a nice $6,500 at Kissimmee. While once again not a Muscle Car, it is more of a collector vehicle than a lot of what some auctions sell as collectibles.  And having driven one of these “Lady Porsches” a few times back when they were being sold new, I can tell you that they flat-out fly, and do so without any really loud attention-getting noise or hysterics.  definitely a car that gets respect for being civilized from me and others.

 Not what I would use for a daily driver but more civilized than anything I would consider.

 Keep reading and sending comments.  It gives me something to write about.  I apologise for being MIA for a few weeks but time has been scarce lately.  Hopefully I can get back on track.

 By the way the “Guess The Interior photo…..”

 The seatbelts should have given the clue that it was a GM car, while the steering wheel should have further told you Pontiac or Oldsmobile.  The wing vent windows should have further helped. As well as the window cranks.  Final narrowing it down clue would probably be the round inset triple dash gauges.

 It was a 1968 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible…400 CID and it was a 4 speed floor shift.

Davey Boy

Beyond Removing The Gloves

May 6, 2010

Okay, my last post ruffled a few feathers for a couple of my friends on Twitter.  And I personally apologize to SloppyMcCheese as my intent was to get the conversation going without alienating anybody who is doing their part to keep the Auto Hobby going.

That being said, now it’s time to really get this rolling……What the hell kind of brain damage convinces someone to take a $6000 vehicle and put tires and rims worth more than the car on it?   What kind of sense does this make?   A 2004 Ford Explorer is a fine vehicle to get you to work and home but when you put 22 or 24 inch tires and custom high-chrome rims or spinners it becomes a big JOKE.  Same goes to the Honda Civics with the low rider suspension and the wide low profile tires with custom chrome rims…..and then the little 3/4 inch exhaust pipe tells everyone you got show but no go.

This bring us to the whole Japanese mini-car B.S. like they are trying out for the next installment of the Fast and Furious…..please guy’s, spend half the energy finding a nice classic muscle car that can run the streets and every year it will become more valuable and as an added bonus, the chicks actually dig Muscle Cars.

Then we come to the NFL players and their “TOYS”.   Man, you guys need serious help.  Not all of you, mind you, but MOST OF YOU.  Shockey in Louisiana has a nice black Dodge Charger and there are others.  But if you nimrods think the Lexus SUV or the bigazz Hummer H1 with all the custom goodies will impress anyone other than the “hood rats”, you are mistaken.  You guys may want to kick my behind up and down the highway, and you certainly have the physical capabilities to do so– But first you gotta catch me.  And you ain’t gonna do that with the slow azz SUV’s and just try to sneak up on me with your Maybach or your Porsche Carrera.  LOL.  

Find someone you got in your local area to help you find yourself a sweet Muscle Car.   If you are in the Chicago, Illinois area, look me up and guess what?  I WILL NOT CHARGE YOU ANYTHING.  I can help you find the car of your dreams, or something that will be an investment that you will love and be proud of.  And I will do this because I want more people in the marketplace.  I want you high profile and high visibility dudes driving these cars.  Because like it or not- you guys are ROLE MODELS.   And the future generations need to get into the Muscle Cars and carry this thing for the next 40 or 50 years.

I would love to help you find 2 or 3 cars or even a dozen of them.  The more cars people are buying the more the value goes up and I will make money from playing the car market.  I ain’t looking to sell anybody a car I have because I do NOT have one to sell you anyway right now.  I want to see you not throw your money away on vehicles that cost thousands a year in depreciation and while you still need your ride to work and the grocery store or the next autograph session, don’t piss away your money trying to be cool in something any Yuppie or Stock Broker can drive.

Like I said, most of you NFL guys are on Twitter and I am dwayne1957……. Look me up……Just don’t kick my ass….I am trying to help.

Davey Boy