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2016 And The Year Ahead

January 12, 2016

No matter where your allegiance lies insofar as Manufacturer when it comes to “Collector Vehicles”, there are certain vehicles that can transcend mere bias.  Everyone involved with the “collector hobby” realizes that some vehicles are to be added to any collection if they become available.

Whether it is a post-war “Woodie” wagon, or maybe a Cadillac Convertible or even a “suicide door Lincoln” you simply add the piece when you run across it.

Rarely do I make predictions for the road ahead in “collector vehicles” other than to point out the inherent rise in values for the overall health of the marketplace.  However…. 2016 could prove to be the best “buyers market” since the economic collapse after 2007/2008.

I refer of course to the fall in the “oil market”.  The number of collectors in classic vehicles throughout the Texas/Oklahoma region have been almost immune to the “recession”.  If you follow Mecum Auctions as I do you have seen the Dallas and Houston Auctions remain impervious to the trend down in value during the recession. That is about to change.  With millions and even billions of dollars of value being lost in the energy sector those who count on the income will need to “thin the herd” as far as their collections.  Make no mistake, the oil sector contains a great amount of car hobbyists.  It is, was and always has been a direct tie-in.  That means the values at auction will be down this year (and possibly for a couple after that) and the buyers with spendable cash will be down as well.  This puts the Dallas/Houston Auctions on a level field with values across the nation.  And that is great news for collectors in other areas of the nation.

71 GTO Judge

I am not saying the value of cars everywhere will be down to the extent of what runs through Texas this year.  And I am not predicting falling values in the market.  I am saying the “overprice factor” of the past Texas marketplace will be going away for a while.  So whether you lean towards a 1946 Pontiac Streamliner Woodie Wagon or more towards a 1970 ram air 4 GTO Judge 400 4 spd

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge (Blue) or 1971 GTO Judge (Red) you need not ignore the Texas Auctions as in years past.

Davey Boy


Auction Action In Indy Starts Wednesday

May 17, 2010

Well, another great auction starts up on Wednesday, May 19, 2010.  This is one of only a handful that starts in the middle of the week.  But, while you and I may find it hard to get to an auction during the week, this one would be one to try anyway if you are in the market.  First off, there will be fewer bidders for a Wednesday auction, or so one would think.  This auction is a Mecum Auction, once again.  As I have said before they put on a really good auction for car fanatics and they always have plenty of Muscle Cars.

Here is a unique car for those who think I show far too many of my Muscle cars.  It is a 1957 Bmw Isetta with a 4 speed trans and should be sold for around 20,000 dollars or so.  They are fun to see and while they are not known for speed or handling, another Isetta is the car Jaleel White (a.k.a. Steve Urkel) drove in the series “Family Matters”.

The Auction will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  They are expecting over 1,700 vehicles to cross the block, so it will be one of the largest of the year.  Whether you are looking for a collectible vehicle or just a “special” vehicle it will probably be there.  Check their website for listing information before you drive to Indy to see.  The website would be and you can click to find the links from their main page.

Now this would be a Muscle Car.  It is of course a 1970 Buick GSX with the 455 cubic inch big block.  It is scheduled to go for sale on Wednesday so if you want it plan on being there early.

These were the ultimate Buick Muscle Car and as a Stage 1 equipped version will sell for upwards of 45,000 dollars, so bring your suitcase of cash as well.  A perfect example can sell for $100,000 if the right buyer is in the audience.  This one seems to be really close to perfect, but without actually seeing the car in person, I could not say for sure.

There are going to be a lot of Chevelles and 442’s and GTO’s also at this auction, so if you are a General Motors fan, get to Indy.

The 1969 Gto shown here is a nother nice street car that will get a lot of attention where ever you go.  This one happens to have the added benefit of being a convertible.  Very cool.

And then there is a really nice Chevelle SS396 that is an unusual Copper color.  This is a color you won’t find at most car shows or auctions.  But yet it actually looks very nice.  Excuse me if I am a little biased on Chevelle’s.And you can’t have a Muscle Car Auction or any Auction really without a few Mopars thrown in.  This would be a Plymouth Road Runner with the 383.  Hemi’s are too expensive to buy and maintain if you want to be able to drive the vehicle.  I recommend either the 440 or the 383.  Also stay away from vehicles with the multiple carbs.  Even the professional mechanics find it hard to keep those beasts running perfectly from time to time.  Six Packs are totally cool untill they get out of sync and you start flooding cylinders and running lean in others and then you have to pay the repair bills.Next we get to a 1972 Road Runner with a 440 and a big 4 barrel carb.  This is a good street combination and although it is a year late for the “Muscle Car” designation, still would be a real head turner for the street.  1972 engines were decompressed versions due to a federal law to comply with safety and smog rules.  But it will still smoke the tires and kick you back into the seat.

Then we get into a couple Hollywood cars that go up for sale.  For fans of the My Name Is Earl show you recognize the 1985 Subaru Brat and also Earl’s 1973 El Camino with the blue door and primed hood.  Did you know the Camino packs a 454 under the hood?  Also, it probably has one of the best service history’s of any 1973 El Camino, and is supposed to run perfect.

Anyway, these vehicles and more all go for sale on Wednesday, May 19th and then many others follow on the block through the week and the weekend.  The auction is also being broadcast on the Discovery HD channel on Cable and Satellite.

For now, have a GREAT DAY.

Davey Boy