Slow and Steady…Not Dead Yet

Okay, maybe it is a stupid title.  Maybe I should have said lazy or busy or something along those line’s.  But would you have bothered reading this?  The truth is probably a little of each.  I have been a little under the weather and do still have a nagging cough, that has been diagnosed as allergies.  So no swine flu or pneumonia or nothing crazy and certainly if the doctors know anything at all nothing that will kill me.  ( Despite being a pack a day smoker. ) 

And I am still making progress on my life’s dream of getting into the Muscle Car business one way or another.  Worked up some basic information and now am in the process of creating about 100 pages that will be whittled down into a viable business plan for prospective investor(s).  The plan is to get all that done within about 3 or 4 weeks.  They claim it could take over a month with all the research and documentation needed.  So this blog and my e-zine have been on the wayside.

I get about 6 views a week here and admittedly, that hardly makes me feel confident that anyone really cares but the trackbacks show me that at least I am hitting my target audience.  My target is to appeal to the Muscle Car Crowd and the NHRA fans and teams out there and somehow I do get trackbacks through my e-zine and through the great organization that is John Force Racing.  So a big tip of the hat and a thank you for that to all concerned.  By the way– JFR if you need Epoxy or Flake floors done at the new shop in Indianapolis get back to me.  We also do concrete polishing and floor joint rebuilds and seeded floors with quartz or silica.

The newest e-zine is on the Chevrolet Chevelle and should be up within the week. for a link on that.

1970 Chevelle SS454

1970 Chevelle SS454

Well, like I said, there’s  a lot going on right now and in order to make some progress I need to keep pushing. The yard now needs weekly mowing and then the Garden also needs to be planted and none of that gets done without yours truly.  And then the pool needs to opened for summer or else my kids and the entire neighborhood of kids will be complaining all summer at me as well…

Such is the life.  Later to all, and I will try to keep in touch more often.

Davey Boy


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  1. Hae Leban Says:

    Hey, Wonderful blog. Some truly wonderful posts on this site, thank you for contribution.

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