Recent Project Moving Ahead

 The reason I am once again falling behind on my ongoing series of blog posts, would be the process of starting a new business.  Unit 21 is now in my possession and the process of ordering product and setting up a working “Detail Shop” has commenced.

 My past history with the business has been successful although with what I personally consider mixed results.  By that I refer to the fact that each previous startup or expansion has been for someone elses financial benefit.  Every other Detail Business has been for someone else and ultimately, when I have gotten to the place where there was a healthy customer list, it was time to show me the door and for the owner of the business to assume control himself.

  This has caused me angst and many sleepless nights when I have thought of doing all the work for another build-up.  But after many years it has become time to do it again.  This time will ultimately be different however, since it is my shop and there is no other partner.  The plan does include a partner down the road however.  The long-term goal is to bring my brother-in-law into the business maybe next year as a minority owner.  He is not a minority, he would have less than a half ownership stake is what I am referring to when I say minority owner.

  Anyway, this gets me in further with the future goals I have in regards to the “Collector Car Hobby” and puts me a step closer.

 The shop is near the Volo Auto Museum.  This will make me accessible for collectors in the area as well as a nice retail base for the general public.  The address for anyone in the area would be:  27992 West Route 120,  Unit 21, Lakemoor, IL  60051.

  I already have the Phase 2 expansion plans ready for the next step.  Even before I actually have the place open.  Once this gets off the ground I will be back working on the blog, so I ask for your patience for a bit longer.  I promise it will be worth the wait.

  For anyone looking for a quality detail or a hand wash or any detail services come on by.  We hope to be open by the middle of April 2011.  See you soon.

Davey Boy


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One Response to “Recent Project Moving Ahead”

  1. Dr. Beasley's Says:

    Looks like a nice space! Good luck with your endeavors – best of success from one detailer to another!

    – James

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