1964 Pontiac Banshee Prototype

 The Prototype cars built as design exercise’s or as show cars were a way to gauge public appeal for upcoming models and ideas for all auto manufacturers.  One of the 1964 models was the Pontiac Banshee. There were to be an ongoing series of cars for the Banshee design, but the start was this vehicle.  Pontiac envisioned this as a Mustang Fighter and two versions were built.  The first had a straight 6 cylinder motor and the second had a V8.

Because of the success of the Pontiac GTO, General Motors execs at the time were worried that the Banshee would not only beat the Mustang, but also their beloved Corvette.  Judging from John DeLorean’s success with the GTO, they were probably right in their assumption.  After all the steel body Banshee weighed 500 pounds less than the Corvette.

The model was cancelled from further developement in 1966 and Pontiac was instructed to make a version of the upcoming Camaro model for 1967.

Judging from the look of the Banshee, we all know what the next Corvette design would have been based on.  The Banshee not only got cancelled but Chevrolet “borrowed” it’s styling for their own use.  Despite it never getting made as DeLorean had wanted he once again got the attention of the Corporate bigwigs.

Despite losing out on the production of the Banshee concept, Pontiac did get the tail light design for the second generation Trans Am from the effort.  Not much of a consolation prize, but sometimes it is small victories that add up.

Final thought, Oldsmobile must have benefitted as well, because the 1966 Toronado looks suspiciously similar from the rear view.

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