E-Bay and the Sale That Isn’t

Okay, those of you who know me from Twitter where I am dwayne1957 have seen this photo in my background, but then not everyone who reads this may know about my irreverent sense of humor on Twitter.   So I posted it here. 

The Trans Am is finished as far as what my goals are for it.  Simply put, I wanted to get the engine running and clean up some of the wiring issues with it.  If you are restoring a car or working on a car as a fun project just to mess around with, do yourself and future owners a favor…..do NOT put in toggle switches to run needed systems.  This vehicle had the MSD ignition run through a toggle switch and then to the fuse box battery connection.

When I got the car the engine cranked but no spark to the plugs.  So I ran the wires from the MSD and discovered a hidden switch in the console storage bin.  Then there was another toggle switch that ran the tach, and another for the fog lights, and yet another for the heater fan.

Please tell me what they were thinking.  Anyway besides taking almost every trim piece off the dash and kick panels to remove all the junk wire splices and replacing the heater fan switch and running the fog lights to the proper factory dash switch, the end result is proper wiring done properly.  Time and materials was around 4 hours and $60 for the junkyard switch for the heater.

The fact that the car had a factory switch for the fog/driving lights makes me wonder why?  Maybe they wanted to use the lights without having to run the cars regular lights.  I am not sure.  Otherwise maybe they did not know how to wire the relay for the aftermarket lights and just took the “easy” route.  Another note for you guys out there – do NOT use stereo speaker wire for electrical wiring.  It may seem like a good idea because it gives you a double conductor, but as a general rule the copper is a softer grade that when it gets hot tends to melt the soft vinyl coating.

So, now I get to the part about selling the car on E-Bay.  First off E-Bay is a good way to sell a car.  It is however, by nature of being a public resource, an open invite for mischief.  I have sold a few vehicles on E-Bay and every one of them took relisting to actually get a real buyer.

This will also need to be relisted.  I got what I think was some pimple faced kid from Connecticut who ended up being my high bidder.  When I found out he of course has now reported to E-Bay that someone hacked his account and bid for my car without his knowledge.

Now I am getting emails from E-Bay saying there is a problem with someone hacking his account.   Wake up E-Bay, this jerk is just trying to weasel out of the bad report I am laying on his feedback.  Nobody hacked some nobody’s account to wreck my sale of a 3000 dollar car.  And the fact the dude is in Connecticut ?

My final photo for this post is nothing about a car.  Instead it is our Maltese dog named Duster riding on a boogie board in the pool.  It has been pretty hot this summer and the little dog likes to get chauffeured around the pool on a boogie board.  He also likes to walk around on the first step in the pool to cool off by getting his feet wet.

It is funny because if you don’t pay attention to him he will try to get onto a boogie board as it floats by the side of the pool and this always results in him getting dunked as the board moves away from the side when he gets his front paws on it.  Then he doggie paddles to the stairs and once he gets out of the pool he has this confused look on his face as he looks back at the board floating in the pool without him.

Well, stay cool and keep on building and buying and enjoying all those nice rides out there.  I’ll be posting again soon.

davey boy


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