Decisions To Make and What To Do ?

This is the 1985 project vehicle that I am currently doing.  When you get a vehicle there are some basic decisions you need to make.  Should you restore the vehicle to original or stock specifications?  Or is your goal to build a street machine or “Resto-Mod”?  Or as a possible third option are you going to race the vehicle at the strip or the local track?

In the case of the Trans Am the decision is based on getting some return on the car.  Granted the investment and return on this particular car really is not anything serious.  It is a thousand dollar vehicle that if left in street condition may bring $3,500 when sold, so the restoration needs to be done carefully and frugally as well.

This car already has a MSD ignition, MSD billet distributor, Edelbrock headers, Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold, Holley 4 barrel carb, and other goodies.  There is also the fact that even though this vehicle is an 85, it has IROC-Z rims from a 1988-1990 Camaro as well as that car’s engine.  Also under the vehicle, is a newer 2 1/2 inch exhaust system leading to a dual outlet muffler.  Not a dual exhaust system, but it should provide the needed back pressure to keep the motor from scorching valves.

Under its lift off hood, it also had a non functioning air conditioning system.  That was the first thing to eliminate.

The compressor, hoses and the dryer were removed to clear up space in the engine compartment and to eliminate about 20 pounds of weight as well.  While the weight isn’t a big deal the clutter was.

As you can see in the photo, anytime you gain space under the hood you get not only more room to work on a vehicle, you also gain better cooling for your engine.  And since the system was not working why keep it?

The parts do have some value for someone possibly so they can be sold through either E-Bay or Craig’s List or a local newspaper ad.  Usually you will also have a local race track that has a parts list network to sell unneeded parts and pieces to other guys or gals doing a project.

Always remember that your “junk” could be someone elses “treasure” and also, anytime you can recycle a part or parts, you are doing a good thing.

Well that’s the status report.

Later fellow car people.

Davey Boy


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