New Project and Still Alive

Okay, admittedly a little over dramatic perhaps, but it could have been worse than what it ended up being.  Looking at my picture you can see that I got stung in the upper eyelid by a paper wasp.  And as luck would have it, I am one of those people who are allergic to bee stings so I am supposed to carry an Epi-Pen which I don’t.  Anyway, I am still alive and the swelling is down from what it was all weekend.  The worst part was the migraine headache all weekend.

Anyways,… I once again went to my favorite place on Saturday.  I am of course talking about the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois.  They had a local club there with a large gathering of cars and it was cool.  It got me in the mood for a “flip” project.  That is a car to buy and turn around and sell hopefully for a profit.  It is just something to keep busy with and they rarely turn into financial windfalls.  After trying the E-Bay Motors site for a 1974 Dodge Challenger, I ventured on to a 1969 Mustang coupe and neither panned out as I got outbid.  No problem since neither had motor or transmission.  They are what is known as “roller” chassis vehicles and would end up being several months work to make the car complete again.

Then an interesting ad caught my “good” eye.  It was a 1985 Pontiac Trans Am up for bid.  So to make a short story out of all this I ended up buying the thing with a winning bid of just over a thousand dollars.  Not that the car is in bad shape, but the engine does not run.  The kid selling it said it ran for a while and then quit.  He stated that the plugs “fouled” out and now it wouldn’t start.

Now I am not a mechanical genius but to me it sounded like the car would need heads or a complete engine.  So figuring $500 for a junkyard 350 small block and another $500 to overhaul it would put me at just a tick over $2000 bucks for a car that was worth maybe $3500 to $4000.

And it will give me something to do as well.

So keep checking in and I’ll let you know any progress.  So far the bills are $190 for the tow truck charge and another $60 for a battery.  I will start taking bits off the engine in a day or two, and let you all know what surprises I find.

The previous owner got rid of the “pod” gauges and installed a mini-tach as you see in the interior photo and the radio has been removed also, but it’s not in too bad of condition bodywise.  No holes or rust showing on the doors or the floor pans or any of the fenders.  Paint is iffy because the black is good but the clear coat top layer is peeling in spots.  I do not plan on investing in a paint job because that would leave me with NO chance of getting my money back.  Well, I will write more soon, so everyone stay safe and enjoy your summer time activities.

By the way for anyone interested the website for the Volo Auto Museum is

Check them out because they always got something going on in the summertime.

Davey Boy


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