Another Auction Over With

Well, the little Nash Ambassador sold for $14,000 which is a little low for usual pricing, but not too bad.  Nice addition for somebody.  These are usually under the $20,000 range so they are comparable with the BMW Isetta from the same era and are similar in that they are ultra small and quirky cars.  Check past blogs of mine for a photo of an Isetta.

There was also a 1960 model that sold for an even lower $9100.  This was that car.  Must be something in the water in Minnesota, or maybe there is something in the water everywhere else.  Either way people in Minnesota seem to have kept these little jewels in pretty good shape and then spent money to restore them.

Then we get to an actual Muscle Car.  This is a 1966 Pontiac GTO with it’s original numbers matching 389 big block engine.  The owner had upgraded the engine with a tri-power setup.  To top it off it is a red convertible and it sold for a measly $30,000.  Nice addition for someone since it should sell at a dealer for somewhere in the $45,000 neighborhood. 

Then we come to what may have been the best purchase of the entire Auction.  This white beast is an actual 1971 Mustang Boss 351.  While only possessing a small block V8 engine, most people would assume that the Mach I from 1971 with the 429 big block would be preferred over the lowly 351 Cleveland.  Most people would be wrong.  This is no ordinary 351.  The Boss engines were hand assembled with very special parts and were actually factory built race engines.  Part of the reason for their low production was that since Ford lost money on every one they built, the factory did not promote the cars in their advertising very much.  The Boss 351 Mustang actually beat the 429 Mach I in a quarter mile drag strip comparison run by a car magazine at the time.  Maybe similar to the comparison of the 440 from Dodge beating a Hemi 426 at the strip.  The 440 holds it’s own and can win a quarter mile run but when you get past the slower start the 440 will NEVER catch a Hemi 426 once she catches her breath and starts into it’s horsepower curve.

I have seen Boss 351 Mustangs selling for 40 to 50 thousand dollars.  This one went SOLD for the sum of $22,500.  NICE DEAL.

davey boy


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