Another Mecum Auction – This One In Minnesota

We will start out with something that will get the older guys laughing out there.  This would be a 1957 Nash Metropolitan.  Very nice tiny car.  These were the anti Muscle Car even before the Muscle Car was thought of.  Why these were ever made I have no idea and fuel was about 20 cents a gallon in 1957 so gas mileage was not an issue, so it must have been a price thing for people who bought these.  Either that or someone wanted the smallest car they could find because they could park it in their garage and still have room for the lawn equipment.

The Auction is in St. Paul, Minnesota and while there are several cars that should go for very reasonable prices, remember the season has begun and true bargains are harder to find in the middle of summer.  And also, by my own admission, the St. Paul Auction is one of the smaller Auctions.  A lot of the time that can work in your favor because there will also be smaller crowds of buyers as well.

The thing I find interesting about this auction is in regards to “what” is sold here year after year.  Because it is a “rural” state, there are a lot of 55-56-57 Chevys and early Mustangs usually here.  This year is no exception for either of those car groups. And yes, I said Chevy not Chevrolet….My apologies to the General Motors “bigwig” who wants the formal name used versus the commoner name of Chevy.  What can I say, I am a rebel.

As I said there are several Mustangs here for sale.  This is a 1964 1/2 variety.  The Mustang was introduced in late 1964 and came with either a 170 cubic inch 6 cylinder or a 260 cubic inch V8.  The Mustang was actually a 1965 model but people who follow the car business called the early Mustangs 64 and a half models because as production continued Ford made some rather major changes to the vehicle.  The designation of 64 1/2 usually refers to the first 121,538 models that Ford made.  Ford was planning on selling a robust 100,000 of the Mustang when they created it but instead sold 121,538 in it’s first 5 months.  That was when they changed the engine choices to a 200 cubic inch 6 cylinder and the 289 V8, and also went from a Generator to the Alternator setup for battery charging.  In all Ford sold 1 MILLION Mustangs in it’s first year and a half of production.  It was the most successful launch ever for a car with the exception of Fords own Model A, as I am to understand.  The sheer number sold is why to this day the Mustang remains one of the cheapest Muscle (or more correctly Pony) cars you can buy.  And also one of the cheapest to keep in working condition since parts are made by several company’s for their restoration.

The entire Pony class of cars was because of the Mustang and that is why they are called Pony Cars.  The Muscle Car designation is credited with the GTO’s creation and is disputed by the Mopar Nation since they had Muscle Cars back in 1960 with the advent of the Sonoramic engine series.  And then the 426 Max Wedge and Hemi also all came before the GTO was even a gleam in John Delorean’s eye.  Yes, that John Delorean. 

There are a few Camaro’s also to be bidding on in Minnesota.  This is a nice 1967 Camaro RS.

The early Camaro is a relatively cheap car depending on if it is a plain Camaro or if it is the Camaro RS, but when you get into the Camaro RS/SS and then the Camaro Z28 be prepared to take out a second mortgage on the house.  My favorite year for a Camaro SS would be the 1969 and of course only a convertible with the 396 option will do.  Then again the 1969 seems to be a lot of peoples favorite and is among the most valued to collectors.  Although there will not be any Sonoramic vehicles sold at St. Paul that I am aware of I will include a photo so you see what I am talking about.  This setup was available on the 440, 383, and the 361 in 1960 from Plymouth and I am told Dodge for various models.

This picture shows a 383 version.  Notice the twin 4 barrel carburetors, one for each bank of cylinders.  Kind of makes a 389 GTO with the tri-power setup look tame, don’t it?

Well, anyway…the Auction starts Friday and goes through Saturday so check it out on the Internet at and talk to you all later.

Davey Boy


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