Nothing New But Staying In Touch

Well, needless to say I did not buy the Allante.  Very nice car and all, but trying to stay focused on my mission.  Now that the weather is nice it’s not that easy to do.  Spent most of Memorial Day weekend around the house and taking advantage of the pool and the hot weather.  Got the water crystal clear and although I did have to use the heater to get from 78 to 83 degrees for temperature, it was worth it.  By the end of the month of June the heater will be idled until probably late September or October.  I usually run till Indian Summer kicks in around the middle of October but last year has made me rethink that strategy since I wasted heating the thing for basically nothing the last couple weeks of the season.

Anyway, enough about that.

The “Car Season” is in full swing and at Volo on Sunday last weekend there was a decent crowd I thought.  I took my brother-in-law Joe with me and we went through the “Car Corral” then went through the cars Volo has on display in their labyrinth of buildings.  Several decent cars to choose from depending on your budget, and I recommend anyone in the market to check their website for what is available.  They have recently started really promoting their consignment cars and have quite a few on the website that are not actually at their facility.  This brings in an added wrinkle for me because now I have to figure out if a vehicle on “consignment” is local or not.  Not really an issue but then again, you want to actually see the car in person.

The next Mecum Auction is in St. Paul, Minnesota and is coming up fast.  This is one of their smaller field of cars but there are some vehicles of interest.

Several vehicles came up in my search of the listings which I hope to get to in the next few days.  Seems to be a few 1955-56-57 Chevy’s for the guys who appreciate those also.

Volo’s site is  in case anyone wants to look through their inventory.

Mecum’s site is  for anyone who wants to check their auction listing.  I do recommend you becoming an “Infonet” member so that you can see what these cars sold for in the past auctions.

Well, that’s it for now.  Stay in the sunshine and talk at you all later.

Davey boy


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