Beyond Removing The Gloves

Okay, my last post ruffled a few feathers for a couple of my friends on Twitter.  And I personally apologize to SloppyMcCheese as my intent was to get the conversation going without alienating anybody who is doing their part to keep the Auto Hobby going.

That being said, now it’s time to really get this rolling……What the hell kind of brain damage convinces someone to take a $6000 vehicle and put tires and rims worth more than the car on it?   What kind of sense does this make?   A 2004 Ford Explorer is a fine vehicle to get you to work and home but when you put 22 or 24 inch tires and custom high-chrome rims or spinners it becomes a big JOKE.  Same goes to the Honda Civics with the low rider suspension and the wide low profile tires with custom chrome rims…..and then the little 3/4 inch exhaust pipe tells everyone you got show but no go.

This bring us to the whole Japanese mini-car B.S. like they are trying out for the next installment of the Fast and Furious…..please guy’s, spend half the energy finding a nice classic muscle car that can run the streets and every year it will become more valuable and as an added bonus, the chicks actually dig Muscle Cars.

Then we come to the NFL players and their “TOYS”.   Man, you guys need serious help.  Not all of you, mind you, but MOST OF YOU.  Shockey in Louisiana has a nice black Dodge Charger and there are others.  But if you nimrods think the Lexus SUV or the bigazz Hummer H1 with all the custom goodies will impress anyone other than the “hood rats”, you are mistaken.  You guys may want to kick my behind up and down the highway, and you certainly have the physical capabilities to do so– But first you gotta catch me.  And you ain’t gonna do that with the slow azz SUV’s and just try to sneak up on me with your Maybach or your Porsche Carrera.  LOL.  

Find someone you got in your local area to help you find yourself a sweet Muscle Car.   If you are in the Chicago, Illinois area, look me up and guess what?  I WILL NOT CHARGE YOU ANYTHING.  I can help you find the car of your dreams, or something that will be an investment that you will love and be proud of.  And I will do this because I want more people in the marketplace.  I want you high profile and high visibility dudes driving these cars.  Because like it or not- you guys are ROLE MODELS.   And the future generations need to get into the Muscle Cars and carry this thing for the next 40 or 50 years.

I would love to help you find 2 or 3 cars or even a dozen of them.  The more cars people are buying the more the value goes up and I will make money from playing the car market.  I ain’t looking to sell anybody a car I have because I do NOT have one to sell you anyway right now.  I want to see you not throw your money away on vehicles that cost thousands a year in depreciation and while you still need your ride to work and the grocery store or the next autograph session, don’t piss away your money trying to be cool in something any Yuppie or Stock Broker can drive.

Like I said, most of you NFL guys are on Twitter and I am dwayne1957……. Look me up……Just don’t kick my ass….I am trying to help.

Davey Boy


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