Time To Take The Gloves Off

While I am a Muscle car fan and some might even say fanatic…..I do not deny any of this.  But increasingly I get asked questions about this or that new car and why it’s better than any of my favored relics from the past.

The whole issue is this….There are NO Muscle cars being built in the current market and haven’t been since 1972.  No smog-controlled engine ever qualified in my mind or any one elses mind who judges these things.  To be a Muscle car it must have been offered with a BIG BLOCK engine. From the factory.  Rule number 1.

It also has to have more than 2 seats.  This eliminates the Corvette from the conversation as well as numerous European cars.  These are SPORTS cars.  A fine breed in their own right but not Muscle cars.

Since I mentioned European cars there is rule number 2– That is it has to be an American car made by an American manufacturer.  Unfair maybe, but then life has never been fair, otherwise we would never have had the Enron scandal, the financial meltdown or any of the dozen wars we have fought during our 200 plus years as a nation.

Rule 3– It is a vehicle made for the public and sold through the local new car dealers as a street driven car.  Like it or not a Muscle car was made to drive home and drive to work as well as taking it down your local dragstrip if you so desired.  You could drive it to the strip, run a few times and then drive it home.  It did NOT go onto the trailer to be hauled around like it was “special”.  Today that can and does occur with these rare machines, but it was not the intent when they were built.  They were not perfect.  Many had glaring flaws that meant sometimes you spent more time repairing it than driving it, but they were still more reliable than any Ferrari or Porsche in their day.  Save the hate mail, I was there during the time and that is a fact.  In the 1960’s and 1970″s the only European cars that were made to be driven every day would have been either a Mercedes or a Volkswagen.  Maybe a handful of others but certainly no European made Sports cars.  Save your tears BMW people…. during that time the 2002 was your idea of reliable transportation and as such was not really that reliable.  It wasn’t until later that some advertising guy came up with the slogan “THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE”.  Another sore point since it has never been ULTIMATE anything.  Either something for less money out performs it or something for more money out shines it.  At best while a perfectly fine automobile, the ego of calling yourself the ULTIMATE anything makes me think you must have personal deficiencies you are hiding.  Just call yourself the ADEQUATE DRIVING MACHINE and that would be fine.

And the Japanese were not anything except economy cars that sold based on their ultra low price and quality to match.

I had the opportunity to be a participant on The Roundabout Show Episode 31, and that was really a lot of fun, although I always feel like I am definitely behind the times when people talk about the new cars out there.  Believe me, I drive a newer vehicle, because that is the economical thing to do.  My beloved Muscle cars are no longer “Daily Drivers” for me or anybody else living in the real world.  They are now “Investment Vehicles” and as such are relegated to parades and shows and the occasional cruise around town, but definitely not getting their wheels driven off to the tune of 15 or 20,000 miles a year.  While I do not know a lot of “celebrity” people… the only person who uses a classic car for daily transportation would be John Mellencamp and he drives a 1957 Chevy wagon I believe.  But maybe we all would if we had his money.

Automobiles today that are being built show what 40 years of improvement can do for reliability and handling compared to the 1970″s models.  Nothing back then could compare to todays cars in many areas.  But never compare todays cars to those for power.  The difference was that almost every car made in that era was a beast for power and today that is saved for the few models that are meant for performance.  Even the lowly 225 Slant 6 from Dodge had 145 horsepower and that was the least powerful engine they built at Mopar.  On the plus side I believe it did have the same torque rating as the Dodge 318 V8.

Any way, here’s another blog post to keep this alive and maybe you have an opinion that doesn’t agree with mine.  If so, look me up on Twitter.  I am Dwayne1957.  I also do a few call ins with the different web casts out there to keep the arguments alive and while I am not a regular with any of them, some of them cringe when I call in because they never know what I will say.  I am not going to quote any company manifesto or kiss any corporate heinie…. and that makes me a risk sometimes.  Either way I also am entertaining when I try to be, and on Twitter I insult as well as inform so to follow me may mean dealing with my quirkiness.

Well, for now…..bye…..and instead of watching the damn TV all weekend, why not load up the family and take a drive somewhere this weekend?  Somehow I think the Planet can survive the exhaust fumes.

Davey Boy


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