Twitter Makes Following People Fun Not Stalking

Fun ?  Well sometimes anyway.  There are several reasons for you to follow someone on Twitter.  You could be an admirer, such as an actor or maybe someone involved in a sport or an occupation that you may find fascinating.  They could be from your town and you want to see what other people do around town.  They could be involved in a hobby you enjoy and feel connected to.  Or you could be one of the countless minions who try to sell everything from the secrets of internet wealth to selling magazine subscriptions online.

I try to sell myself.  Not literally, because as my wife will tell you- it wouldn’t cover the rent.  But figuratively, as in- sell my vision and my dream.  That vision involves creating a business in the Muscle Car field.  A dealership that specializes in finding vehicles to bring to the Northern Illinois area to sell.  I do not want to become a collector.  This is a business to make a living. 

Currently on Twitter I follow a lot of the NFL Football players.  The reason is that they follow my timeline for the establishing a solid business.  To start a Dealership requires cash and to reinvest that cash and build up inventory and get everything rolling and on solid footing.  A NFL player realistically makes the investment money needed and by the time their playing days are over with, they could have a partnership that will provide them with nice income the rest of their life.  Nice income to you and I may be $100,000.  But when the NFL players who are fairly talented and stay focused earn millions of dollars per year, then that number needs to be adjusted upwards rather significantly.  Auto dealerships provide that opportunity, when the economy is healthy and a nice niche market such as Muscle Cars and Collectibles can exceed expectations in a good economy and stay even when times get a little tight.

What would an ideal timeline be for me ?  I would say over 5 years before the need to draw a salary would work well.  The longer you wait the better the annual draw would be.  Putting up $600,000 and in 5 years drawing out around $250,000 – 300,000 every year after that.  If you waited 7 or 8 years it could be closer to $400,000 a year.

All depends on how quickly the economy comes back towards normal from where it is now.  I am one of those who thinks this is going to be a slow recovery process but right now is the best time to really start building a truly superior investment opportunity.  If you follow the major auctions for these vehicles you can see the market is recovering from where it was a year or a year and a half ago, but not where it was 3 years ago.  The auctions are selling higher percentages of vehicles now than they have been lately and when the prices start working their way up it will take much more to get rolling.  So if you happen to get a nice signing bonus or you happen to have money sitting aside that you really do not feel comfortable sending over to your broker, look me up and let’s at least discuss it.  On Twitter I am known as Dwayne1957, so if you catch me there tweet me………

Davey boy


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2 Responses to “Twitter Makes Following People Fun Not Stalking”

  1. RemcoD Says:

    I read a article under the same title some time ago, but this articles quality is much, much better. How you do this?

    • americanmusclecar Says:

      Don’t know what to tell you about it being better. I guess my flow of prose could be more in sync….LOL…anyways, man glad you like the blog and keep checking back at because I keep updating with new stuff and try to always keep it real. Thanks again for the compliment and you can say hey on twitter too….. i go by Dwayne1957…

      david w. braddock

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