Not A Muscle Car Article…This One Is About Healthcare for Americans

I do NOT like trying to be political. The reason why is simple; I do not try to be politically correct.  Things in my world are usually black and white.  Not as in race, but in lies and falsehoods versus truth and fairness. So this is about the rage going on in Washington and all across America.  Guess what….a lot of those elected officials are liars.  Big news flash there.  Almost to a person those who are against healthcare reform are against it not because it is bad for the American worker or because the nation cannot afford it.  They are against it because the anti-reform forces are lining their pockets.  They are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from Insurance companies and Physician groups to stay in office and do THEIR bidding.  Not for the people who they are legally bound to represent but the companies that make billions off of health care.

Republicans are the party of Business not the party of the people.  And right now the people are who are paying for health care.  The Republicans are worried that just like every other nation in the world with national healthcare, business will be paying for this new system.  And you know what….they probably will be.  And rightfully so.  If you own a business and do not want to pay for your employees health care then don’t.  Shut your doors and close down.  The fact is every business owner in America and around the world makes money off of every employee on their payroll.  They should give some of it back to those workers.  Every American deserves decent quality healthcare.  PERIOD.  And for the sanctimonious congressmen to say NO to healthcare is a crime against America.  They do not have the social security system; they opted out of it and instead have a very, very generous system whereby they retire with lifetime insurance at no cost to them and almost full pay as well.  They get a health club and personal assistants and the best health care in the WORLD for FREE.  We taxpayers foot the bill.  And all this talk about Socialized medicine is hogwash……we taxpayers are already paying for the system now.  If someone goes into the hospital without insurance and cannot pay the bill, we taxpayers are paying it for them UNDER THE CURRENT SYSTEM.  We pay it through higher premiums and higher prescription prices and through direct taxes that gets sent to those hospitals.  NOW.

There is no FREE healthcare in the United States….unless you are an elected official….or own your own business.  Yes; insurance for the business owner is deducted pre-tax under IRS rules so they get it FREE under normal accounting rules.

So because the Business owners want the illegal immigrants here for their cheap labor and do not want to provide the insurance for them and their other workers the whole system is in a rage over this health care reform.  Because they will have to provide a needed benefit for Americans.  And forget about the so-called liberal media bias…that is another lie told by the Republicans.  The media by and large is controlled and OWNED by the Conservatives.  Always has been – since it takes millions and millions of dollars to buy or operate a newspaper or a tv station or even a radio station, what kind of person did you think ran the media?  It would be like saying Rupert Murdock is a liberal.  Come on and get real.  Just because The Simpsons are on Fox does not mean Fox is a liberal media outlet.  They were among Bush’s biggest supporters.

Anyway, this whole Health Care Reform is just like any other reform deal that this nation desperately needs.  Do you think we are going to get Republican support for Banking and Financial reform?  How about Reform among Wall Street Brokerage firms with their derivatives?  How about Social Security reform?  Or Income Tax Reform?……Every type of reform cuts into those big profits that Businesses make and the profits they keep and share with the politicians who make the laws.

But then this is my opinion and unlike Congress- I could be wrong about all of it.

davey boy


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