Must Be Something To This Internet Thing

What would I be doing if nobody had let Al Gore invent the internet?  I realize he did not really invent the thing, that was a joke….one that has been around for years.  Not really funny anymore, but it is sarcastic at the least.

Anyway, the reason I once again find myself pecking at the keyboard is that a recent opportunity has come up.  There is a website that I assume is here on WordPress called Muscle Car Blog that is currently looking for writers and maybe this would be an opportunity for me to reach a larger audience with my knowledge of the genre.  The only thing that bothers me about what my perception so far of it all is this:  they believe that there are currently Muscle Cars being built.  As I have said before…a Muscle Car is NOT a Honda Civic with a nitrous oxide tank and a computer chip.  It is also NOT a current version Camaro or Challenger with a small block smog controlled and direct injected v8 with shut-down cylinder technology.  Muscle Cars are savage beasts and while some had small block v8 engines, the Big Blocks were on the option list.  And NOBODY bitched about getting 8 miles per gallon.  Granted gasoline was less than 50 cents a gallon…even for premium….but if you wanted a tank of gas to last a weeks worth of driving you bought a “family” car in those days.  The smile factor was why you bought a Muscle Car.  And it still should be.  But do not confuse any modern vehicle with a TRUE Muscle Car, because as someone who was there and still lives in the past, these modern sports cars are only imposters when compared to the real deal.

Forget about the 1/4 mile times and the time it takes to get to 60 mph.  It was knowing that every car manufacturer had a Muscle Car model and often had several you could go to any dealer in the country and buy right off the showroom floor.  And from the 1st stoplight you came to there were potential challengers to the title of “King Of The Street”.  And whether you had the nerve to challenge for the title or not… had the opportunity.  We worry about political correctness and we try to be environmentally responsible yet everything we do leads to the same thing- we are killing our planet.  The electric cars we seem to be leading to will run down the same road as the gasoline engine. Instead of the poison gas fumes we now pour millions of gallons of toxic chemicals down the drain to make toxic metals for batteries and plating all those electrical contacts and components.  Silicon Valley is among the biggest polluters in our nation, as I understand.  Where are they sending all their by-products from manufacture?  Or is it that they actually manufacture these components in other less-enviromentally conscious countries as I suspect?  We all know the levels in India and China of heavy metals.  These show up almost daily in painted children’s toys and our vinyl window blinds and car seats and the list goes on………

Any how…enough of the end of the world.  The point is that do not blame a 40 year old car for the condition of the planet…’s replacement is doing the same thing.  Personally since I am a smoker, I would rather deal with my breathing problems from bad air quality than have my children drinking most of the water that the world is now poisoning.

Last thought here, if I don’t get the chance to become a blog writer for those other guys…maybe I should just actually do this one more often.  I do get the occasional feedback from someone with a comment; and I do read those comments; and the trackbacks indicate that someone at least kind of promotes this and well; what else do I have to do that is any more important than just doing something that I like to do anyway?

davey boy


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