Final Adjustments to Business Model and Plan

Well, it has been a while and even though I have not made my presence known here or in my e-zine over on – I honestly have been pretty busy.

The update is that even though nothing is finalized yet, I am closer to getting the Muscle Car business off the ground.  I have finalized the initial numbers for trying to start it up and worked on the numbers to get it off the ground and rolling.  My brother-in-law who is going to be my partner is on board with the plan and we are ready to go.  Surprisingly, after 20 or more budget plans, I find that the mere sum of $60,000 can get this rolling.  And the investor will see a return of around 30% or better for his faith.  I do NOT know of another investment that returns those kinds of profits but then again, I live in the real world, not the wild wall street “paper” world.  By “paper” world I mean that the profits are on paper and may not actually be there when you try to sell and once you take all the fees and such out of the net.  I hear guys tell me that gold has risen 40% in the past year but yet over the past 10 years it has been up and down so much that it makes the stock market look like a solid investment.  And then there is the stock market, that after losing 70% or so has come back 50%.  It’s a numbers game when they say that.  If you have a hundred dollars and lose 70% you now have 30 dollars.  Then if you gain 50% you have 45 dollars.  The end result is you still are down below half your investment not a mere 20%.  I seriously doubt if after the bath the average guy took because of overinflated stock values and “churning” those accounts to generate commisions……I seriously doubt if the average working class guy is going to return to the stock market any time soon.

And the only thing that has proven to escalate in value year after year during my lifetime has been Real Estate.  I am 52 years old and yes, certain markets have suffered from time to time but this is different.  Nearly every home and building in America has lost value.  I was not alive during the Great Depression- so I can’t talk about things that far back, but this has never happened in the past 50 years.  What was the retirement plan for America’s working class- buy a home and pay it off- then sell it when you retire and move into a smaller home- has gone into the toilet with the only savings plan that 30% of the working class had.  Despite doom and gloom, things will and are getting better.  Home values are not free-falling anymore.  People are not getting mass layoff notices anymore.  And the stock market is trying to not bottom to a new low every 2 months. 

But, what does this mean for you and I?  Simply put it means there has never been a better time to start a business or to invest in tangible assets.  Whether it is real estate, which I think still has a year or two before it would be stable enough to risk everything….but that is my OPINION…..or to invest in classic or antique automobiles which based on the auctions that have already run this year ( 2010 ) are starting to come back around.

The Muscle Car field is a little different from the classic car or antique car areas.  Cars like the woodie wagons have followers that want only those cars and then the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg crowd collect those high end fancy cars and then there are the foreign car guys who collect the old Porsche models and Jaguars and such.  Now, in the interest of full disclosure there are Chevy guys and there are Ford guys and there are Mopar guys but a Muscle Car Collector usually has a few of the other makes as well as his favorite.  A Muscle collector usually wants a comparison collection, not just 10 different models of Fords.  A hobbyist may have only one particular make or even a single model, but for him it is a love of that car not the general Muscle Car genre.

If anyone shares my passion for these cars and wants to chat or ramble on about them with a fellow gear-head contact me.  I have gotten some feedback and it is all welcome.  But if you want to make money with these cars remember the cars are a way to make money.  You cannot be blind to the fact that not everyone wants the same thing or the same color and some guys want a car to drive and enjoy- not a million dollar hemi convertible that can’t be moved from it’s storage stall.  So while a collector with 40 or 50 cars wants a numbers matching vehicle that is pristine and original; there will always be a market for a 1969 Chevelle with a “crate” 350 and a nice cam.

Well, I will try to update once I get solid news on my financing or whatever course this takes and in the meantime…………Keep on Truckin’



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