NHRA and The Missed Boat

I admit that I am not the smartest guy on the planet.  From what shape this country is in I do not believe the dude even resides in The United States.  But what dumbass decided that the cure for a death in racing is to totally take the guts out of the sport?

It has been a year since the death of Scott Kalitta and while I understand the need to make drag racing safer for the participants and the fans, the continued use of the 1000 foot race track is not only incorrect- it will kill the sport.  That is just my opinion, but it is shared by more than half the people I spoke with at the track just last week. 

The need for shortening the track was to make it safer since most engine damage occurs beyond that point and engines tend to stay together for the shorter distance.  The only problem with NHRA’s explanation is that it is an outright lie.  The Scott Kalitta death happened upon impact with a cement wall and his car exploded upon impact at over 200 miles per hour.  The course of action that is needed is to race at tracks that have an adequate safety area to stop the cars.  PERIOD.  NHRA should NOT be racing again at OLD BRIDGE RACEWAY until they can provide a shut down area free of obstructions.  And that goes for several other tracks where there are issues with the length of the track.  We have thousands of tracks in America capable of supporting a full quarter mile of track and another quarter mile for a shut down sand trap.  Any track where there is a road that cuts through the end of the track is also unacceptable such as another track has.  An actual traffic light stops traffic when a car runs down the track.  What kind of crap is that? 

The NHRA really needs to make things as safe as possible, and I understand that but changing the entire way they do it is wrong.  Make the engines smaller.  Make the tires smaller.  Make the cars run with added weight, but don’t make the race fit an unacceptable track- make the track fit the race.  Spend some of the money these races generate for the track owners.  They have an obligation to their performers to give them as safe a track as possible; or else move the race to somewhere that will.

It amazes me that NHRA thinks the product they are putting out this year is anything less than unacceptable.  Wally Parks would VOMIT.

Show some cajones and tell the fat cat track owners to either provide acceptable and safe tracks or else they will lose their tour dates.  PERIOD.


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