NHRA Finally Comes to Chicago

OK, actually Joliet.  It seems like it has been an eternity and yet it seems like the season just started.  But I got my tickets for the Route 66 Nationals and am planing on going for the day on Saturday.  The economy sucks but I still feel the need to blow my $200 for a day of Nitro fumes and cold beers while stopping in to see all the race teams and the drivers-owners-crew people.  Gotta say crew people because the ladies are as capable as most of us guys at doing the wrenching now.

I plan on seeing John Force as well as all his people and of course I have been following the other teams as well. Matt Hagen has come out storming this year and even though he may have cooled off a little he is due for his first Wally.  And then there’s his teammate Ron Capps who just won in Kansas and has been rolling through the points to keep the lead.  And this is Conrad’s 50th year in the drag race business….of course I mean Connie Kalitta.  Would be great to meet him personally and get a couple minutes time.  Dearly miss his boy Scott, and Eric Medlin as well.  Seems the past few years have been exceptionally hard on the drag race community.  I really feel for the losses and while I do not have as great a loss as John Medlin nor Connie Kalitta, I also feel the loss with them, since in past years I had the precious times of talking with these men and sharing their passion for the sport.

Anyways, this Saturday, maybe I will get a chance to catch up with some of the old faces and to meeet a few of the new ones.  Some drivers are with new teams and some teams are new as well and as we all know…..

the more things change- the more they stay the same.  Then again, change does not always mean for the better.  Maybe I am just getting too old.


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