Busy Week with Amazing Potential

I guess I should start by admitting that the reason for this blog is to promote the American Muscle Car as an investment.  There are several objectives for me in this endeavor.  The first would be to obviously promote myself, as someone with a fair amount of knowledge about them of course. 

This goal is being achieved partially through an online magazine (known as an E-Zine) by the name of American Musclecar and can be accessed at http://openzine.com/americanmusclecar.  Since it is basically a one page deal I really don’t get into the production numbers or the engine availability or any of the myriad of values for these cars but rather give a basic write-up of them and deal with a specific model in each issue when possible.  It seems to be doing quite well since it has gotten a larger audience with every passing issue.  The Ford and the General Motors fans seem to be drawn to it more than the Mopar but that could be because the Mopar guys may be more into “tech” and that’s not what it is about with the e-zine.  Anyway it seems to be one of the more popular zine’s on there so I put an issue out every 3 weeks or so. Check it out and judge for yourself.  I try to appeal to the novice more than the pro’s because my objective is to spread the word and get more people into the hobby.

1970 Buick GS455 Stage 1

1970 Buick GS455 Stage 1

The current issue for example deals with the Buick Skylark derivatives that went under the Gran Sport banners. 

Then there is the on-line “chat” phenom called Twitter that I occasionally visit.  The premise of “what are you doing” seems cool and all but mostly it seems everyone is an Internet entrepreneur and usually I myself use it for keeping up with the various race crews and car hobbyists out there.  You can look me up under “dwayne1957” if you feel the urge. 

Like I said this blog ties in more with the e-zine and with my trying to promote my end game of starting a Muscle Car Dealership of my own and so that brings me to the final part of the blog this time.  I have spent the past several years pouring over web sites and finding various cars I can buy and sell to make money and working diligently toward my end goals and feel like I may finally be coming closer to that goal of a business.  I have a couple weeks to work out the final kinks with my business plan and a presentation to a potential backer is in the works.  Wish me luck and hopefully my wasted trip to Bloomington, Indiana to see John Mellencamp will be just another story to tell the grandchildren some day about “Grandpa the Stalker”.  Maybe even a story I can share here with you all some day as well.


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  2. Busy Week with Amazing Potential Says:

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  3. americanmusclecar Says:

    this e-zine may not be the most viewed on openzine’s website but it has to be close with over 10,000 page views. I don’t get into production numbers and all the technical stuff, but rather an overview for right now. maybe in a few issues i will get more into the numbers crunching when i start into the individual cars and years or something like that.

    american musclecar

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  6. Muscle Warfare Free Trial Says:

    Decent article, I dont think you dive deep enough into the subject though.

    • americanmusclecar Says:

      I do not “dive” deeply into the subject for several reasons. First it would only appeal to Hardcore Muscle Car people. Secondly if I gave details on every facet then why would anyone need to invest through me? And thirdly, it is a blog not the Wikipedia. LOL. I do appreciate the feedback and for future posts I plan to get into the details a bit more on some of the models. Thanks for the interest and the support. It is always good to hear from others on ways to get better at this.

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