NHRA and Racing as it ties into Muscle Cars

I gotta tell you the only thing that pumps me up more than a 400 plus horsepower beast from 1970 or 1969 is when the roar of those nitro rails and funny cars launch at the Route 66 Dragway here in Joliet, Illinois.

While even my holy musclecars pale in comparison to the 7000 horsepower plus these monsters put out…there is a connection.  Even if a faint one, these muscle cars were conceived for street and strip performance in their day since the entire goal to their development was to be able to brag about speed and quarter mile elapsed time.

The top three teams in the business are all very much class acts that really do everything they can to not just promote themselves, but to actually promote the entire sport.  Believe me when I tell you that I have no connection to these teams or to anyone who works for them yet even as just a fan, I have had the privilegeto get into their courtesy tent areas and talk to their drivers and share their hospitality both with a free meal and soda.  John Force Racing was my first.  The preeminent Funny Car Team in Nhra is John Force Racing.  My “in” with them was Fadal.  This company makes CNC and computerized milling machines for Force Racing and machine shops around the globe.  And as both a sponsor of Force Racing and a supplier for my brother-in-law’s work, we managed to get the pit passes through his job and we got the star treatment with autograph sessions with all their drivers and photos with them.  Very cool when you are in the tent area and you look out at the other fans on the outside of the ropes where you used to be.

The very next year was the year we managed to get invited into Don Schumacher Racing’s pit area.  That happened by chance when we showed up at Route 66 in my PT Cruiser Turbo and happened to be parked next to a guy driving a Dodge Ram Quad-cab with dealer plates and he had extra pit passes to give out.  He told me nice ride and asked if we had our tickets yet.  Yes, we replied and he gave us the pit pass cards with the lanyards to wear them and once again we were into the courtesy area getting the whole royal treatment with catered lunch, soda, photos and autographs.

The 3rd; and it is my opinion that there are still 3 or 4 I would like to visit in coming years; would be Kalitta Motorsports.  I have not been into their pits as of yet..so if anyone can put in a good word to Connie Kalitta for me I would be grateful.  This is Conrad’s 50th year in drag racing and I would love to be able to share in that, so hopefully I can find myself an in, with getting that accomplished.

Anyway I do follow all the teams I mentioned here through my Twitter pages and hopefully as time goes on I can get my chance to further promote myself as a fan of the entire NHRA and hopefully promote them as well to all of you. 

Anyone who has not been to a live NHRA Drag Race needs to go. The television coverage on ESPN and ESPN2 is excellent but nothing compares to the experience of being there.  Seriously, when you are 30 rows up in the stands and they launch these things on the starting line you feel the vibration through your feet and into your actual bones.  When 2 of these beasts leave the line together it is AWESOME.  Nothing can possibly compare short of being there standing on the train tracks as a train rolls through.  That is something you really do NOT want to do.


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