Collector’s and Storage

While most of the collector car hobbyists are able to keep their car or even two cars in their garage at their home, there are many who find that the collection has outgrown their storage space.  The options become somewhat complex at that point.  You can rent a storage space or maybe find a warehouse in most metropolitan areas that will rent you floor space in their building.  Usually these are climate controlled and both heated in the winter and air conditioned cooling during the summer.  They usually end up being pricey to say the least and normally they are not always that conveniently located either.  The final option would be to buy or build your own building.  If you are in a rural area or an area with acreage available you could build a pole barn or a suitable building yourself.  Granted this option is for only the larger collections.

Sealed Floor

Sealed Floor

Whenever you decide you need to build or buy a building for your collectible vehicles there is one expense that truly needs to be done.  Sealing the concrete floor to prevent “dusting”.  All concrete will become dry and then the powder actually becomes loose from the slab.  This dust becomes airborne and will end up on the paint surface of your vehicles and dust of any type will be an abrasive on those vehicles.  A sealer or an epoxy coated floor will eliminate nearly 80% of your potential dust problems.  The floor will be protected from wearing away under foot and tire traffic and the appearance of a shiny smooth floor will only highlight the vehicles in the building.  And one more thing to consider is that a shiny floor, especially one of a lighter color will reflect light better and enable you to light your building using less electricity and fewer watts of lighting.  Anything that can save money today will be nothing but good.  Find a qualified vendor in your area for the epoxy or the sealing options you will need.  Get a couple of estimates and ALWAYS check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) about vendors to get someone who is reliable and good.  There are many companies doing epoxy flooring and they rely on a pickup truck, a mop bucket and a hand sander to prep your floor.  These are not the guys you want to do more than a one car garage.  A reputable company will be able to handle everything from edge grinding, crack repairs, rebuilding floor joints, concrete polishing and staining, shot blasting, epoxy and flake floors, and any line striping you may need.  For those people in the Chicago, Illinois area you have the luxury of having one of the best in the business in Busy Beaver, Inc.  They are located in Lake Zurich and can be found on the web at www.

I will add that I recommend them and yes, I also work for them.  I have been friends with the owner since 1994 and was once their equipment mechanic and returned to work there in 2004 as their warehouse manager.  But they are the best, and I also know several of the other vendors who compete against “Beaver”.  Busy Beaver also subcontracts for some of the Custodial services for their own customers and works with most of the major industrial building management company’s throughout the area from Milwaukee all the way down through Indianapolis.  Even if you are looking to Epoxy the floor of your 3/4/5 car garage at home give them a shout and tell them americanmusclecar sent you.

Added for the guys building up around Indianapolis for all those Race Teams…We travel for larger floor spaces and with all you guys building 50,000 to 500,000 square foot shops down along Nitro Alley….give us a call to see what we can do.  At the going rate of $3 and up per sq. ft for an epoxy floor with proper preparation you should give the team at Beaver a shot to discuss what you want, as well as have their experts tell you what you need.  After all you know performance for racing, they know performance for flooring.  And they are a “Green” company.

Epoxy Floor

Epoxy Floor


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